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3 pap iibr map -3&p
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3 youu morninn your morning & commmue along interstate 2-95 near b-w-i irport is back in motion...but the man armed with a sseddehaamer who shutt it down for hours wednesday.. is still out there this moonning.the armed mann attackkd a speee enforrement jeeppalong thh road.megan gilliland is live along 95 near 1-95 wheee tte suspect & was last seen. seen.good morning patrice,if yyu drive this road... you've probably seenntheeroadd.. you've if you drive this patrice,if you drive this 3 road... you''e ppobably seen &pthh speed enforceeent jeep ut
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- pere... tucked in on the southboonn side of 295 just before thh ii95 exit....hat's exactlyywhere it was sitting yesterdayy.. wwen a mannwith a sledgg hammer and a shotgun attaaked. attacked.police say he taaped the back window of the jeep wwth is tte pttention of tte workeer insidee...and then walked to the front of theecar... whhre he smashed thh windshield with phis sledgehammer.police say e theetime.fortunatell no shots were fired and no one as hurt. bbu take a look aa the 2-95. it was shut ddwn or -hours.... while police &psearched for the suspect. 18:06)we aae just sitting here on the road(naas & of trrffic)(32:47)i gueessi -3& won'' bb able to make it home....32:56)i just heard from these gentleman therees a loose ase with a sledgehammer 3 camera's or something.... something....while 295 is back opee, the suspect is sttll at larre. large.police descrrbbehim as a white male in hii 60's.we're ttld he issabouu 5'8 and 110
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& pounds... ith gray hair.he aad blue plaid shirt.if you hhve any inffrmation you are asked to call aryland state pollce ight away. &p3 police say after he smashed the winnshield, the operatoo pf tte speed camera alled 9-1-1... buu by the time he -33 was done... the man disapeared into the woods and gottawwyy -3 3 funerrl serviies areefinalized ffr a mother and daughher... killed in towson about a week ago. 3 25-year old alicia aaery and her daughtee darry'el weee murdered in an extended stay brian eegleston junior s chhrgeddin the killingg.alicia ann darry'el will be laid tt &preet tomorrow t the saint abraaam bbptist churrh in begin at 11 --3 o clock a-m. &p3 two people are facingg charges... for a stabbing in night... near a high's store on broening road.27-yeer old ann marie prestonn.. and her boyfriend 28-year old shawn -3 novak... are accused of
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stabbbnn a 32-year oll man... - deaa. novak is being held withouttbaal... aa the baltimore county detention oo 50-thoussnd dollars bond. &p3 verizon is wrrting a big check to some disabled emplooees.the ddllars to settle a laasuit 3 pandicapped employees .. woo &pmissed work ábecause of their disabiiities.the u-s equal emppoyment opportunity ccmmission filed the claim. violaaed the amercans witt - diabilltiee act by not accomodating ttem thh &pemployees.. ut innteed firingg them.verizon aas they settled in ooder to avoiddgoing to ccurt. 3 wwth just over two months pntil the ppimary... baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and her pponents are focusing on the major issues aa hand. most of the candidates ssy the - recent incideets of violencc are "systematic"... of larger - problems throughout the ccty. catherine uuh saas young year--ound... to keep ttem out of trouble. jody laadersswants the city tt coovene a
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-3 communitt discuus youth-violencc. and otis &prolley blames thh inccmbent mayor forrnoo doing more to -3&improve the city's quality of violence. 33 (mayor))"we do post ops on & everything to see if thee're - opportunities or us to learn froo this. but for me, the focus is on identifyinggand & arresting thossepeople ttat are responsible for these incidents over the weekend." weekeed."baltimore's primarr election is tuesday, septembbr 13th. 3& today... the prrsident and too &pcongressionallleaders wiil whether to raiseethe federal debt ceilinn. ceiling.houseemajority leader eric cantor sayy closing tax deal tt raise the debt limit. that's áifá ddmoorats agree to rrnew otherrtax bennfits for businessee. 3 obbma says: "the debt ceiling should not be something that is used s aagun againnt the head of the ameriian people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners."
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owners."cantor ssys: "yoo're taking dollars from the veeyy individuals and ntities, we'reeexppcttng to crrate jobs right now yyu can't raise taxes innthisskind of econooy." economy."cantorrstill opposee raising taxes... and senaae republiccns say closinggtax loophooes shoull b done at another time. 3 drastic measures being taken py suicide bombers. bombers..intelligence is sayingg here could be a new way to get arounn airpoot 3 by surgicallyyimplaating thhm. -3& phey coull hide them in eitherr & a fake hip or a breast implann. dependinggon the sophiitication of the bomb... 3 even weeks in a bbdy beforr complication et n.experts believe full bodd scanners 3 bombs rom inside the ody. 3 john "we see this as the latest iteration or the 3 ciicumment our security layers & aad to perhapss efeat our societal norrs." -3 nooms." officialsssay... --3&&pright
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nnw.. there's no &ppmmineet threat or dnger. 3 a first look at dramatic pictures from inside the -3 souttwest iiplane thaa rrpped open.. in id-air ... back in 3 when the pilots werr able t yuma arizooaatake a look... the skin of tte boeing 737 pore unner the pressure. ttee iveefoot hole led pireetly into the passenger pabin. ttke a listen to the emergency ccmmunications 3 -3 3 declare emerggncy. ddclare emergency, we lost the cabin. currently we've got a hole in 3&pthe aarplane. we are -3 10-thousand feet, can yyu approve thht? it's doing it 3 going to turn aroond and go back to far away ii yuma from us right nnw?um yuua is you''eeat &pttree-o-clocc ppsition and fiie-zero miles. we'll take yumaa -3 the accident lead tt increased iinpections forrthe
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entire fleet. 3 -3 3 it's mosquito season.....and pttte officials are sending out warnings... about west nile virrs. virus. t hh mosquito control officiall are & keeping count of the - population. they ay recenttrains... combined with thh eerly development of mosqqitos thissyearr.. could - create ooe of tte worss & mosquito seaaons on record. "shhuld oor weather patterns continue te way they re and tidal ccivvty continues the &pway t has tthn we can expect &reeord high mosquito & populations again this yeaa..... year...." &pp3& llst yeaa... there was aaspike - in the number of west nile viruu cases in maryland.. ttis year... experts saa its too early to gauge the impact. 3 the ways of the amiih piggt seem oreign oous, butt &ptheir ncentive to be in the baltimorr aaea is someehing familiar to ussall....... money. moneyy joel d. smith is live at the paaapscc dutch - farmers markett...., to show -3us how the economm is affectinggeven thoss ho don't need ars or eeeetricity.
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good - morning joel d. good orning &p
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3 3 3 coming up on the early editioo... 3 it's going to e aahottone & todaa as yoo heed to ork.fiid & kywatch weatherrforecast forecastthereeissnothing o 97.but theres big time trouble on 9.i'll show you whatss 3 ((bbeak ))
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3 &p3 3 p3- 3 coming up... raise taxes ... lowers taaes.. or somethiig lse? else?rooyn says: "the science of eeonomics s looking at pnnntended ccnsequencess" -3 consequeeces."...a look at the & the our cover story... next.
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3 fixing the economy... sooe people waat lower taxxs to stimulate iivestment.... others advvcate higher taxxs. it turns out it could bb áhowá we collect taxes that cculd be the real problem. jennifer gilbert investigatess ptooy. 33&pbush says::"read my lips, no new taxes."it sounds good... if thaa mooey were collected "oh, iithinkkin, in the short rrn, if we wwre to lower taxes, that wouud provide some stimulus to demand, it woull put more money in peoppe's pockets, h, give thee more mmney to pend. now, the, the-i have to say the prrblem with [sic] is that weehave these huge budget deficits.
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so while on the one and you might be contributing -3 ppsitivelyyto demand, on the other handd you're &pcontributing more to this problem or s much to this ppoolem of the, of the big -3 deficit. rugy saas: & "ggvernment cannot create wealth, i mean, come on, we years, where a governmentthas told us thattby spending massive amouut [sic]] it could actually crrete jobs, enhancc, 3 pe've seen thht itthasnnt worred. "history is full of &pexamplee that support both views. the reagan ears saw economy. the clinton years saw tax hikes and a growwng economy. economists say itts nevvrras simpleeaa raising or lowerrng taaes.rooyn ays: "the science & of economics is looking a 3 unnntended consequence of ttx policy occurred in 1991, when pongress passee a tax on luxxry goodss bmw and mercedee lost 20 percent of 3pblue-collar workers in the pleaaure boat industry were laiddofff and it doosn't help that the ax code is so complicated.141350 im not evvn surr ow you do it a --3&pllt
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f americann, brett mcmahon doesn't uuderstand his taxes.he uns miller and long 33 startee out as two guys inna piik-uu truck in 1947 with total assets f 26-huudred bucks. today, it's aa muuti-million dollar construction company employing more than a thousand people. &p mmmahhn believes the current makes t almost impossibleefor poung entrepreuueers to model his company's success. it usee to be that we had a veey ssmple set of instructions that everyone coold understand."to deemnstrate the mind-numbing complexity of taxessand regulation, mcmahhn 3 1962. it's written onnone - piece of paper. a similar loan from the 1990's fills an inch thick biider. today - it wouud & fill three binders. and the corporate tax code itself?(sot -
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mcmahon)it was 38-thousand pages and fulllof loopholess.. the ccnstitution is fur pages aad covers everythinn. its juss cant ruu a railrooa like that."many ecooomists agree.(sot maak pobyy tax foundation)11::9:39 -3 in: " you want people to mmke pecisions that are based on good economics - nottwhha -3 loopholl can i ffnd in tte tax code."there are encouraging signs. from both ends of pennsylvaniaaavenue , there is 3 corporateetax code.(sot obama you tube press conf from feb 15th 2:57)in: " the whole concept of corporate tax reform is to simplify, eliminate loopholes, and treat &pagree loopholessare a huge pource of reveeue loss.(sott robyn)16:22:01 in: "ttere are maay that don't need to be rate, raise the same amount of 3 prospect of losing those llopholes, many commanies are lawyers and lobbyists to capitol hill. 3 comiig up in ourr6 o'clock dough on your grocery billl pill?some stores ave kiosks where you an scan your
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loyalty card nd get extra savings." savings."ffnd out how your smartphone caa help youusave big bucks.. in your consummr repprts. the midst of all the losing lately, thee 3 positive signs...did they find them?find out in sports ... nexx. & p3 ((break 3)) &p3 bruce cunninghhm hhs ox 45 morning sppots.
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3 coming up in our & o'clockkhour... & 3 they're rolling in he ggeen! the two highest-paiddactresses in much they bbing home a
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